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File Size. Download Links. Indmar Engine Oil Recommendations. Indmar Fuel Pressure Reference Chart - Indmar Marine Engines Raptor Series 6. Indmar Marine Engines Catalog. Indmar Service Manual 5. Indmar Service Manual 6.

indmar customer service

Indmar Service Manual 8. Malibu Fuel Delivery System Maintenance. Oil Filter Service Bulletin - Pennzoil. Remote Oil Filter Install. Indmar ProductsInc. Indmar pickles automobile engines, that is, adapts them for use on boats. This is a complex process that involves large-scale reconstruction of all elements except the cylinder block to meet the requirements for small vessels and the regulatory requirements of the US Coast Guard.

Under the leadership of Chuck Row, son of Dick, Indmar has implemented many innovations in the shipbuilding industry and has become the largest privately owned manufacturer of stationary gasoline marine engines.

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Currently, the company produces various versions of the valve engine of the Ford V-8 with a volume of 6. Until the s, all design work was done manually. InIndmar's management decided to review the 3D design environment in use to simplify the exchange of data with customers and partners and streamline processes to shorten design cycles, increase productivity and accelerate production.

indmar customer service

These applications are easier to use and more affordable, and also facilitate collaboration on engine design with customers - manufacturers of small boats. Motors Boats. Indmar Marine Engines service manuals, owner's manual and schematics. Comments: 0.

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Connect to Facebook. Use quick search! Contact us. Indmar Diagnostic Manual Version 1. Indmar Parts Manual.For the latest. Subscribe to Shop Talk updates to the right.

There are changes required both in the Diacom software that resides on your computer and in the Diacom Diagnostic Cable. To be able to communicate properly with the new Ford based product, the Diacom software on your computer must be Version 2. You can download an update to the most current software at no charge from the www.

If you are not sure how to identify your Diacom software version, there is a tutorial in the Files and Forms section of the Indmar Dealer Portal that shows you how to identify the Diacom Software Version as well as the software version of your Diacom Diagnostic Cable.

You will also need to update your Diacom Diagnostic Cable. The tutorial on the Dealer Portal will show you how to identify which cable you have and which software version you have. There is a charge to update the cable. You can also buy the upgrade directly from Rinda Technologies for the same price. If you purchased your Diacom Kit or upgraded your Diacom after January 1,Rinda will provide the update to you at no charge, just contact Rinda Technologies with proof of purchase and they will send you the update instructions.

You can contact Rinda Technologies at or by e-mail at custservice rinda. Upgrade your Diacom now so you will be ready!

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We have had occasional reports from the field of engines randomly shutting off or intermittently losing electrical power. We have traced this issue to intermittent loss of contact in the circuit breaker.

This intermittent operation is not related to an over-current event but rather a result of vibration and momentary loss of electrical contact within the breaker.

The 40Amp circuit breaker on these engines is located inside the electrical box that is mounted near the ECM. The circuit breaker can be removed from the electrical box by wiggling it and pulling it out of the receptacle in the electrical box. The legs on the breaker are sized and spaced like a standard Maxi-Fuse.

If you experience any of these intermittent power loss events, Indmar recommends replacing the 40Amp Breaker with a 40Amp Maxi Fuse. If you do this, also supply a spare 40Amp Maxi-fuse for the customer. You can also purchase them from Indmar by ordering Part Number Emission Regulations Canadian Environment Act. What products are to be included in the report? Products include outboard motors, personal watercraft, inboard engines marine spark-ignition engines as well as snowmobiles, off-road motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and utility vehicles off-road recreational vehicles.

Who is to submit a report? Dealers who import products from the list above from the U. The report must be submitted by JUNE 1, According to the Federal Boat Safety Act ofall marine engines must be registered. The law has been put into place to ensure that a manufacturer can contact the owner in case there are safety defects or other issues that must be corrected.

Contrary to common belief, the engine is not automatically registered when the boat is registered. If the engine is not registered in Indmar's system, the engine is not eligible for warranty repairs. Registration of an Indmar engine is done on-line on the Indmar Dealer Portal.

indmar customer service

Once you have logged in to the dealer portal, you will be able to register the engine by Clicking on the Home tab at the top of the page and selecting Engine Registration from the drop down menu. You can print a copy of the policy as well as the required checklists by clicking on the Home tab on the Indmar Dealer Portal and selecting the Engine Registration folder from within the Dealer Administrative Information folder and downloading the appropriate files.

If you have any questions or problems, contact Indmar Customer Service at or via e-mail at customerservice indmar. For step by step instructions on how to register and transfer an engine warranty download the dealer portal manual below, then go to page 25 for Engine Registration How to information.

A majority of the engine packages that Indmar Products manufactures are installed in boats that are delivered to customers in a very short time frame. Occasionally, boats remain in boat manufacturer or dealer inventories for extended periods of time before a sale is made.

Indmar Products has a concern for those products that have remained in a dealer or boat manufacturer inventory for a significant amount of time. Other components such as fuel pumps, fuel pressure regulators, fuel rails and fuel injectors can become inoperable from degraded fuel. Failure of these components can lead to improper engine operation or in extreme cases, engine failure.

The remaining warranty is pro-rated as follows:. NOTE: Indmar Products will not reimburse for parts and labor required to make engine eligible for warranty. If you need assistance using this website, please contact us at customerservice indmar.

Dealer Portal How To Manual Warranty Registration Policy A majority of the engine packages that Indmar Products manufactures are installed in boats that are delivered to customers in a very short time frame. The remaining warranty is pro-rated as follows: More than 3 years but less than 4 years past manufacturing date: 2 year remaining warranty. More than 4 years but less than 5 years past manufacturing date: 1 year remaining warranty.

More than 5 years past manufacturing date: not eligible for warranty. In order to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction, Indmar will enforce the following policy:. Complete pre-delivery inspection Complete engine registration Install new fuel filter Flush fuel system with fresh fuel Test and verify fuel pump fuel pressure Prime the lubrication system by disabling the fuel and ignition system and cranking the engine for 15 seconds, let the starter rest for 2 minutes and crank the engine for another 15 seconds.

See following Resolve any abnormalities Engine package eligible for warranty that it was originally offered with. Drain and replace engine oil and engine oil filter.

Drain, flush and replace coolant on closed-cooled models. Replace water pump impeller. Inspect cooling and exhaust hoses for cracks and other signs of degradation. Replace as required. Inspect accessory drive belts for cracks of other signs of degradation.

Replace and re-tension as necessary. Drain and replace transmission oil. Drain and replace V-Drive oil.More protection and peace of mind also come standard with our full 5-Year Factory Warranty. There are no third parties or insurance involvement. The Raptor Series is an exclusive line-up that defies every challenge, especially the test of time. The Limited Warranty is administered by Indmar Marine Engines to ensure that covered repairs are done with only genuine Indmar replacement parts and performed by Indmar-trained technicians that we personally train and certify.

Since this is an Indmar-backed program, you will not have to wait for a third party adjustor to decide whether your repair is covered. Your local Authorized Indmar Dealer can make most determinations immediately.

Our goal is to get you back on the water as quickly as possible in the unlikely event that a problem was to arise.

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All Indmar dealers are independent contractors and are not agents or franchisees of Indmar Products. Indmar Products maintains sole authority to authorize any and all warranty repairs or component replacement. Request Test Drive. Mail sent successfully. Enter your comment.Manuals Brands Indmar Manuals Engine 5. Quick Links. Operator 's Manual. Related Manuals for Indmar 5. Summary of Contents for Indmar 5.

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Page 3: Important Safety Information Indicates the presence of a hazard which result of your decision. Indmar Marine Engines Indmar is proud to provide the power to the best boat companies in the business and we hope that pride shows in the quality of our products. Page 8 Appendix B — Engine Specifications B-1 Appendix C — Limited Warranty C-1 Indmar Marine Engines Page 9: Introduction They have current specifications, parts and the special equipment needed to service your Indmar engine and drive line.

To find your nearest Indmar dealer, please call or visit our website at www.

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To ensure that the proper information is available, note the six digit engine serial number. Page 10 The engine serial number is stamped into the block and should also be written on the inside of the back cover of this manual. Always retain a copy of the serial number for your personal records. Indmar Marine Engines viii Page 11 If the trade-in and resale is handled by an authorized Power Squadron, state boating authorities, or the Indmar dealer, the dealer must fill out the warranty regis- American Red Cross.

Know the law and your responsi- tration transfer form and send it and other paperwork bilities as a boat owner. The label has 1, 2, 3 or 4 stars.Closed Cooling. More protection and peace of mind also come standard with our full 5-Year Factory Warranty. There are no third parties or insurance involvement.

The Raptor Series is an exclusive line-up that defies every challenge, especially the test of time. You will not find broken promises on our spec sheets, often times you will find we surpass those numbers.

Take a look at the 5X award winning Raptor Series. See how we stack up against the competition and the integrity of our advertising. View Details. The Raptor engines are more technologically advanced than the old school big blocks they were using. Single overhead cam vs. Ford has staged a triumphant comeback with Indmar! Stoked for Indmar making more history!

We have used indmar in tournaments all the way back to The best engines and best company ever! Indmar pushing the limits again with the Raptor engines! The Raptor kicks some major butt in these boats! It pulls HARD!

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I came from a 24' with an L96 Now I have a Raptor pushing a 5, lb boat plus 5, lbs of ballast and it easily pulls it at 3, RPM with a prop. All this while doing 5 to 6 gallons per hour.

It's absolutely insane how well this motor pulls. My boat runs 5, lbs of ballast everyday. That is 2, stock plus 2, additional ballast and the Raptor really doesn't even care. Take it like a champ. Even with all that weight there is power to spare. My Indmar went 1, hard hours with 3, lbs of ballast - surfing and wakeboarding every weekend and it's still running strong! After running my new boat for 5 hours I stopped at the gas pump on the way home. I expected the pump to run for quite a while, but it clicked after only taking 9 gallons of fuel.

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